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Summer is a beautiful time of year in Kentucky and few places are more beautiful than the historic Jim Beam Distillery in Clermont, Kentucky. Representatives from Louisville Party Center made a trip to Jim Beam this month to personally select a Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve small batch bourbon that will be sold in all four of our locations.


Warehouses on the Jim Beam property might seem familiar to movie trivia fans. Several scenes in the 1981 military comedy Stripes starring Bill Murray were filmed on location at the Old Jim Beam Distillery in Clermont. In one scene, the film crew ran a tank through one of the old Beam warehouses, Warehouse W.

Knob Creek and Jim Beam representatives joined our team at the rickhouse known as Warehouse K where three barrels had been selected for us to sample. In order to sample bourbon straight from the barrel, the bung had to be removed from each barrel. This proved to be quite amusing as our three novices wielded a wooden mallet to hammer the bung from the hole in each barrel.

Each barrel was marked with a color—red, green, or blue—and we were each given three color-coded glasses. This method was intended to make voting easier, but there was nothing easy about choosing one bourbon over the others. Each barrel had distinct flavor notes and characteristics. As one team member commented:

Ultimately, we did come together to agree that the blue barrel would suite our customers’ specific tastes. The chosen barrel, CO4B11, had been filled February 11, 2004. It had the deep amber color and smooth flavor of mature bourbon. Our team de-scribed the “nose” or smell of this bourbon as “vanilla, maple, and oak”. The taste of this 14-year bourbon was described as “spice, caramel, and butterscotch”, with a finish that is “warm, smooth, and full bodied.”  One team member made the trip with fall in mind, hoping to discover something unique with the warm, spicy flavors reminiscent of fall. That’s why she voted for the winning blue barrel with its hints of cinnamon, spice, and oak.

After debating a number of names for our selected barrel, we decided on Knob Three Times, a play on Knob Creek Distillery and the 1970 hit song by Tony Orlando.


Knob Three Times bourbon will now make its way to the bottling room to be bottled specifically for Louisville Party Center customers. Watch for this bourbon to hit the shelves at all four Louisville Party Center locations in the coming weeks.

“We can agree or disagree about different things, but over a barrel of bourbon we all feel like friends. Bourbon can bring us together.”

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